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This year, in order to open up to more films, I have taken on the challenge of watching 80 films from around the world. I hope to watch a film from each country but this may prove more difficult, so I aim to watch as many as possible instead.

I have started a list HERE of films seen and upcoming.

Feel free to use my basic banner or use your own. 80 films is slightly daunting so don’t worry if you don’t have time to do them all.

As I’m a curious cat, tweet me - @HoganShogan or comment on a post about any posts you do for the challenge so I can have read.

So far:

Finland - Rare Exports
China - The Stolen Years
France - Blind Date
Saudi Arabia - Wadjda
Japan - Instant Swamp
Iceland - Rams
Argentina - Eva Doesn't Sleep 
Turkey - Once Upon a Time in Anatolia 
Ireland - My Name is Emily
Brazil - The Second Mother
India - The Lunchbox
South Korea - The Handmaiden
Spain - Fermat's Room
Israel - The Women's Balcony 

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